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Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with Street Church Ministries!  Volunteers are so appreciated.  The following are general guidelines for volunteers of Street Church Ministries:

  • We do not have a parking lot, so all volunteers must find a parking spot on Perry Street or the adjacent streets. Parking on Perry St is not currently metered but please pay close attention to parking signs.

  • Dress is casual.  Please dress appropriately without drawing attention to yourself and do not wear any flashy jewelry.

  • If you are carrying a purse you are welcome to keep it with you or place it in our office that has a lock on the door.

  • Most people we minister to are chronically homeless or living within transitional housing. Some may be struggling with mental health issues and or substance abuse issues.  Keep this in mind and be sensitive to this.  Be willing to be a good listener.

  • If someone you are speaking with becomes loud, belligerent or irrational do not continue to engage with them but rather wrap up the conversation politely, walk away and seek assistance from a ministry team member.

  • Outside of the building always minister to and speak with people in groups of two or more.

  • Do not use profanity if or when you are engaged in a conversation with people who are using profanity.

  • Never offer or give someone a ride or agree to give a ride when asked.

  • Never offer to give money or agree to give money to anyone who asks.

  • For any questions regarding resources like housing, substance abuse programs and any other services, please refer people to a ministry team member.

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