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You can help transform lives in Trenton.

Many people living within poor, urban, high crime communities such as Trenton are neglected, abandoned, and abused in their spheres of influence.  People are living and dying without ever realizing their true value and worth to their Father in Heaven.

Since 2006,  Street Church Ministries has sent committed Christ followers out into the streets of Trenton to Transitional Housing Complexes and to the Mercer County Correction Center.  Our aim of glorifying God and seeing hearts and lives changed is realized by making Christ's power and love real to those we minister to by building relationships and consistently meeting.


Street Church Ministries is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit dedicated to seeing lives transformed by pouring out the life and love of Jesus to those living in crisis in Trenton New Jersey.

Our experienced team of volunteers bring food, clothing, and personal hygiene products to the people we minister to on the streets and in transitional housing.  As we develop relationships and meet with people consistently, we are able to share the Gospel and our lives.  In doing so, we have the privilege of seeing hearts and lives transformed by the Grace of God.   

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