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Donation Impact

Every donation is meaningful and we want to give you an idea of how your money can impact a single person or the whole community.

Your $20 donation can provide for the basic needs of one person for the whole day. He or she will receive a hot meal and drinks, a small personal hygiene kit, as well as a change of socks and underwear. This person will use most of the items received for more than one day!
Your $50 donation can help one homeless person with their basic needs for a day and also provide them with a season appropriate sleeping bag. A little comfort for the night helps people feel like a respected human being. 
Your $70 donation can supply one adult with a bus pass for 31 days.  This helps people get to and from work safely on the bus, train, light rail or River Line.  We believe that work is a blessing and a very important factor in healing and overcoming homelessness. 
Your $100 donation can bring nourishment, care, and comfort to one person for a full week. He or she will be provided with food, beverages, basic personal care and change of cloths for one week. You will also gift them with a sleeping bag or blanket.   Instead of worrying about basic needs, this gift brings peace of mind so they can focus on learning new skills and applying for jobs.
Your $250 donation can help someone get their Driver's License back by paying off old tickets or providing legal help.  This will further empower them to be able to apply for work in places they cannot reach by public transportation. 
Your $500 donation can provide a single mother and her children with emergency rent or utility bill assistance to prevent another family from experiencing homelessness.  This assistance includes training on budgeting to avoid similar emergencies in the future.

Your $750 donation can save one life by providing a man or woman with a place in a drug rehabilitation center.  Most of the rehabilitation costs are covered by Charity Care except the registration, processing, and placement fees.  Their eligibility will be assessed based on their readiness and commitment to overcoming their addiction. They will be assisted throughout and after their rehabilitation to leave the addiction in the past.
Your $1,000 donation can help Street Church Ministries provide a space where we can safely minister to, educate and care for the homeless community in Trenton.  Everyone will be welcomed to enter and learn the truth about God and his love for them.  They will be counseled in their life situation and learn life skills that can help them get back on their feet.


There are countless different ways we can use donations to improve and empower people living on the streets of Trenton and we thank you for considering being a part of this impact.

If you feel moved to join us in our efforts and want to make a difference, we encourage you to contact us directly via email at

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