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Am I eligible?


  • I am a resident of Mercer County.

  • My annual income does not exceed 2.5 times the federal poverty level for my household size.

  • I have found or plan to stay in housing that I can continue to afford (my monthly rent or mortgage payments are less than 75% of my gross monthly income).

  • I agree to provide a portion of the amount due for the Security Deposit.


Please note, Street Church Ministries can provide financial assistance to an individual only once in a calendar year and up to two times within a five-year period. Also note, completing the intake process does not guarantee assistance. Providing assistance is at the sole and absolute discretion of Street Church Ministries and subject to availability of funds and your meeting the eligibility requirements.  While we can provide funds for a portion of the security deposit to eligible candidates, we cannot co-sign on your lease, or provide legal guarantee of any kind to the prospective Landlord/owner, or guarantee that you will be selected by the Landlord/owner for any particular housing for which you apply.


What to expect:


After completing the online application, the Street Church Ministries Community Coordinator will contact you to ask some initial questions to understand your circumstances. If you meet our eligibility criteria, we will schedule a meeting with you and then review your application. If approved and all required documents are provided, we will contact your prospective landlord to provide a check for a portion of your Security Deposit. Please note, the security deposit will only be available after a lease has been signed with the Landlord/Owner.

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