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It's Not About the Bunny

How do we prepare for our biggest holiday of the year? Some of us are planning small and safe gatherings with our families. Some of us are still limited to seeing our close friends and family from afar and we can only express our love with gifts and cards. We are shopping, cooking, sending emails, planning an Easter Egg Hunt for children.

Many of us are busy preparing without thinking that this all is about the Christ. It is all empty and meaningless without Christ. Without Christ we would only have this life. If 2020 taught us anything, it sure taught us that this life is never long enough or fulfilling enough and we must hope that there is more after that.

No bunny, no Easter Egg Hunt, not even so missed family gatherings can fill our hearts with the HOPE and JOY that Jesus Christ has for us in the gift of salvation and New Life in Him.

How do we celebrate Easter and the New Life at Street Church Ministries? We rejoice! We all have been given new life the moment we believed that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. Some of us felt in that moment that it was like a true rebirth, our hearts filled with joy and peace for first time after years of abandonment, resignation, guilt and bitterness.

Life was hard for many members of our church family, so hard that some truly hoped they wouldn’t make it. God saved them from both losing their life and also wasting it away in addictions, crimes and shame. Jesus redeemed what has been damaged and broken and He continues to restore not only hope and joy for our future salvation but our life now.

Instead of feeding our addictions and demons, we are growing in faith and love. We connect, we share and we serve others. We reach out to those who have not yet had a chance to know how deeply they are loved by God. We continue to provide coffee, clothing, assistance and the message that yesterday is not what will determine who we are or if we are worthy. Jesus died for each of us and that is what makes us worthy of love.

As you prepare for your celebration of Easter this year, we pray you will truly believe that Jesus died for you on that Cross and then three days later He came back to life! We pray that you make time to meditate on His Word and truly know that he paid the ransom for all of your sin, so you can join the family of God and stand righteous with Him through Christ Jesus.

Celebrate with us us by helping Street Church Ministries serve those in need and share the hope of Jesus in Trenton!

You can donate on our website on through Facebook.



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